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The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

A couple of months ago, my younger sister got married in a beautiful ceremony at her church. Our father has pastored this rural, evangelical church for the past twenty-nine years. Therefore, this special place to both of us was the obvious right venue to have her wedding at. After the wedding ceremony, my parents hosted a reception in the church’s activity building. My sister even decorated this large building herself. Have you picked a venue for your wedding, but don’t know where to have your reception at? When looking for the right place to have this special event, consider your personality and the personality of your future mate. For instance, if you’re cowboy or a cowgirl, you probably wouldn’t enjoy a wedding reception at an upscale country club in town. On this blog, you will discover the best places to host a wedding reception at.

The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

3 Ways To Use Rented Tents At A Music Festival

by Virgil Woods

When you think of a music festival, there's a good chance that you picture an open-air event that features hundreds or even thousands of people enjoying live music in front of a stage. This might not seem like an event that involves tents, but the reality is that there are several good ways to use tents at this venue. If you're planning a music festival, regardless of whether it's big or small, find a local tent rental service and learn about their products. A lot of music festivals rent tents to use in the following three ways.


The sale of merchandise is a big part of a music festival. Entertainers can earn a lot of revenue through the sale of T-shirts, posters, and various collectibles, and it's common for the festival grounds to feature a large area in which representatives of each musical act have a chance to sell their wares. It's a good idea to have a tent for the merchandise area. If it's raining, the tent will help to keep the products dry. For example, a vendor may have several posters on display, and they wouldn't want to have their booth set up in an open area. The tent will help to provide shelter for the merchandise, as well as for its sellers and buyers.


You'll see some music festivals that have large tents that serve as VIP areas. While most of the festival's attendees buy passes that give them access to many of the areas on the grounds, some people enjoy buying VIP passes that allow them to spend time in a large tent. This tent will often be positioned within sight of the stage, and have amenities such as comfortable seating, fans to circulate the air, and even complimentary food and drinks.


Music festivals often use a large team of volunteers to help things run smoothly. These volunteers can spend long hours at the festival grounds throughout the day and into the evening, and it's nice for them to have a proper place for taking their breaks. Setting up a tent for your volunteers can be a good idea. Whether it's sunny or rainy, the tent will provide some shade and shelter for them to enjoy as they sit and relax for a short period of time. Contact a tent rental service to learn about its tents for rent and consider which types would be an asset for your festival.