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The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

A couple of months ago, my younger sister got married in a beautiful ceremony at her church. Our father has pastored this rural, evangelical church for the past twenty-nine years. Therefore, this special place to both of us was the obvious right venue to have her wedding at. After the wedding ceremony, my parents hosted a reception in the church’s activity building. My sister even decorated this large building herself. Have you picked a venue for your wedding, but don’t know where to have your reception at? When looking for the right place to have this special event, consider your personality and the personality of your future mate. For instance, if you’re cowboy or a cowgirl, you probably wouldn’t enjoy a wedding reception at an upscale country club in town. On this blog, you will discover the best places to host a wedding reception at.

The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

Popular Party Supply Rental Items

by Virgil Woods

If you're considering renting some party supplies for an event, you might be interested in knowing which items get rented the most. That way, you won't miss out on anything good that you might not have considered. Here are seven popular party supply rental items that you should think about getting for your next event.

1. Tents

Tents are a trendy rental item for parties, as more and more people decide to use them for outdoor events. They protect guests from the rain and wind and provide shade when it's hot outside. Tents help make an outdoor event feel more like an indoor one while still having the benefits of being out in the fresh air. 

2. Tables and Chairs

Most people don't have a bunch of tables and chairs stored somewhere they can bring out when they have a party. If you plan on hosting many guests, you will probably need to rent some tables and chairs, so everyone has a place to sit and eat. 

3. Decorations

If you want to decorate your party, there are lots of items you can rent. Decorations that you rent will be generic because they're available for everyone. That means you will likely see birthday, anniversary, and wedding-themed decorations. 

4. Heaters

A popular party item that people rent is patio heaters. People like to have outdoor parties, but it can get cold when the sun goes down, and patio heaters will allow you to ensure everyone stays warm. 

5. Popcorn Machines

You can rent popcorn machines to take your event to the next level. The rental company will also supply you with popcorn kernels, cooking oil, etc., so you'll have everything you need. Your guests will be quite surprised when they show up to your event and smell fresh popcorn in the air. 

6. Jump Houses

When you go to a party supply rental store—or visit their website—one of the first things that will catch your eye is the inflatable jump houses, water slides, etc. They're easy to set up at your event and will keep all the kids occupied and having a great time.  

7. Yard Games

People like to have outdoor events when the weather allows, and yard games are essential for outdoor fun. You don't want your guests standing around bored, so incorporating some fun yard games will help to bring the party to life and ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

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