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The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

A couple of months ago, my younger sister got married in a beautiful ceremony at her church. Our father has pastored this rural, evangelical church for the past twenty-nine years. Therefore, this special place to both of us was the obvious right venue to have her wedding at. After the wedding ceremony, my parents hosted a reception in the church’s activity building. My sister even decorated this large building herself. Have you picked a venue for your wedding, but don’t know where to have your reception at? When looking for the right place to have this special event, consider your personality and the personality of your future mate. For instance, if you’re cowboy or a cowgirl, you probably wouldn’t enjoy a wedding reception at an upscale country club in town. On this blog, you will discover the best places to host a wedding reception at.

The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

How To Host A Great Family Christmas Party For Your Employees

by Virgil Woods

Are you in charge of the Christmas party your work is hosting for the workers and their families? Whether you're the boss, a manager, or the person who has volunteered to spearhead this year's party, here are some ideas that might inspire you to make it a fun and memorable time for everybody.

Communicate Early - Even though the focus is now on Halloween, people are already making their Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. Because things get really busy, now is a good time for you to start circulating the word at work for people to look for an upcoming announcement that will include the date and specifics on a Christmas event. Finally, at least a month before the big event, it's a good idea to send out paper invitations that can be sent to employees' homes.  By doing that, you will be sure that invitations won't inadvertently be left at work. Besides, the place, date, and time of your Christmas party, those who will be attending will also appreciate knowing what the expected dress for the event will be. 

Plan The Food - Since kids will be included in your Christmas party, think of foods that they would enjoy, too. A buffet with finger foods would be wonderful. Pizza, chicken fingers, a vegetable tray and a fruit tray, and different chips and dips are not that original, but they are usually well received. Another idea is to have a catering company serve something like Mexican food or barbecue with all the sides.  For dessert, consider serving cupcakes or cookies that are decorated in a Christmas theme.

Plan The Activities - Of course, part of the fun will just be had by just fellowshipping with each other. However, to make the party even more of a success, think about forming a committee that will present games. For example, musical chairs with played to Christmas music would be a lot of fun. Instead of Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, think of playing Pin-the-hat-on-Santa. A Christmas Bingo would be another fun idea. Consider hiring a DJ to get everybody on the dance floor, too. If you want an amazing climax to your Christmas party, think about getting somebody to be Santa Claus. Instead of just giving out a candy stick, think of Santa giving every child an inexpensive toy.

Everybody loves party favors. Consider sending everybody home with a decoration to put on their Christmas tree at home. For more information about planning the perfect party, contact a company like Destination Musick City.